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SF61BHealthCare Pocket Scanner Automated data capture is fundamental to ensuring patient safety in healthcare workflows. And it’s driving an increased demand for barcode scanners that can move with the clinician.
SG20 HealthCare Scanner The SG20 Healthcare Scanner is an affordable, high performance handheld scanner available in tethered or cordless models.
Granit maging scanners The Granit 1910i (wired) and 1911i (wireless) area-imaging scanners are for businesses where arm's length 1D and 2D barcode scanning in harsh, unpredictable environments is the norm.
Granit 1980i and 1981i full range imagers Scanner Granit 1980i (wired) and 1981i (wireless) full-range area-imagers are capable of reading both 1D and 2D barcodes across a wide range of distances.
imaging barcode scanner We built the Hyperion 1300g linear-imaging barcode scanner to give you outstanding performance, versatility and durability.
3800 r linear image barcode scanner Our exclusive imaging technology makes the 3800r linear imager an outstanding performer. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful imagers we've ever introduced.
Voyager upgradeable General Duty scanner Two-dimensional (2D) barcoding is becoming the new standard in many industries. A key reason: 2D barcodes hold much more data and require less space than 1D, linear codes.
Dolphin 75e mobile computer The Dolphin 75e mobile computer is a versatile multimodal device. It delivers significant operational gains and flexibility for your enterprise.
M-Class Mark II Compact Industrial Printers M-Class Mark II Compact Industrial Printers are easy on your budget, while providing industrial printing performance in a compact footprint.